This is my attempt to improve mvpmc by adding alerting support and adding password dialogs.


To Do:
fix the keycodes so that they get passed to the server correctly
use the inputbox dialog to ask for a passcode for authentication to the VNC server
Possible Future:
write an application that will provide recording scheduling for MythTV over a VNC connection No longer needed.
integrate the scheduler above, mvploader and the proxy recently mentioned on the mailing list for SQL queries for MythTV into one server process No longer needed.
add a command line option to change the server and port (-d server:display e.g
fix the 'host' support for vnc.
fix the palette issue (screen very faint).
add drawing surface to libwidget. (20050210)
convert vnc to use libwidget draw surface. (20050228)
allow use of encodings other than RAW. (20050228)
updated to current cvs. (20050905)
MVPMC 0.2 includes everything up to here. (20051103)
added alerting POST method and webpage. (20080220)
added a dialog to change the MYSQL password as proof of concept for the VNC password. (20080226)